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Spa Manicure

This relaxing treatment starts with a soothing soak followed by an exfoliation with gentle scrub. Nails are shaped with special attention paid to cuticles, nurturing hand massage, warm compresses and polish application.

Shellac Manicure

Shellac Manicure is done using gel-based nail polish that will not scratch or chip and last for weeks. Nails are shaped and cuticle maintenance is performed then color of your choice is applied and cured under light.


Anti-aging Manicure

This treatment starts with nails shaping and cuticle maintenance. Hands are soaked and gently exfoliated with scrub than special enzymatic anti-aging peel is applied. This wonderful treatment is complete with a luxurious hand massage using essential oils for rejuvenating effects. To complete youthful look nail polish of your choice is applied.


Spa Pedicure

A refreshing foot bath that will awaken your senses. Followed by complete nail and cuticle grooming. Your feet and legs will be energized with an exfoliating scrub. We'll then soothe the skin with a hydrating mask and an invigorating massage to improve circulation. Our signature treatment is complete with a luxurious massage and nail polish application.


Anti-aging Pedicure

Aromatherapy soak, professionally groomed nails followed by an exfoliating scrub and relaxing foot massage.

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